Sambhavana clinic

The epidemic of exposure-induced diseases was a windfall for pharmaceutical corporations. Ayurveda, the indigenous system of health care that uses herbal medicines to help the body heal itself, is Sambhavna’s way to help survivors reduce their intake of synthetic drugs that are often found to be doing more harm than good. The Ayurveda physician and two Panchakarma therapists provide treatment through herbal medicines and through procedures of detoxification such as medicated oil massage, steam bath, medicinal oil stream and medicinal enema. More than 100 species of medicinal plants are grown on a one acre garden next to the clinic building. The garden provides fresh herbs for preparation of medicines and inspires people to start medicine gardens in their communities or grow at home. Eighty five different kinds of Ayurvedic powders, oils, decoctions and pills are manufactured at the medicine making unit in Sambhavna.


At Sambhavna, survivors are instructed in different Yoga postures [Asanas], breathing exercises [Pranayama] and cleansing actions [Shodhana] depending on the nature of their symptoms. Yoga therapy has been found to be particularly useful for treatment of breathlessness, backache, joint pains, menstrual irregularities, diabetes, anxiety and insomnia. We have carried out research studies that objectively demonstrate the superior effectiveness of Yoga therapy in the treatment of some of the exposure induced health problems.