Sambhavana clinic

Sambhavna Clinic was founded in 1995 to create possibilities in healthcare of the poisoned people through judicious integration of Ayurveda and Yoga with Modern medicine, active intervention in community health and community-based information generation and dissemination.
Today, close to 36 thousand individuals are registered for free long-term medical care at the Sambhavna Trust Clinic. The Clinic also carries out community health work and conducts research on long-term health impact of toxic exposure. Over 100 kinds of medicinal plants are grown organically in the Clinic’s garden that are used to manufacture over 80 kinds of
Ayurvedic medicines for use in the Clinic. In the last 24 years the Clinic has been funded with small donations from over 30 thousand individuals. As a matter of policy, the Trust does not accept funds from corporations,
governments and large funding agencies. The Sambhavna Trust Clinic is mostly run by the 60 staff members following principles of self-governance.