Union Carbide’s Gas Disaster in Bhopal is history’s worst industrial catastrophe.

At least 25,000 people were killed in the event or died later of their injuries.

Today 120,000 people still remain seriously ill with no hope of being cured

The ground water of 48 communities nearby is still laced with lethal poisons

It seems hard to believe there could be a good side to this story, but there is.

Celebrating 25 years of The Sambhavna Clinic

"As an example of a holistic, environmentally sound, community focused and patient centred approach to health-care the Sambhavna clinic is way ahead of anything I have ever visited or worked in, anywhere in the world.”

Dr. John Hurst, Senior Lecturer/ Honorary Consultant UCL Medical School/ Royal Free Hampstead Trust

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Sambhavna Trust is a registered public charitable Trust set up in June 1995. Its primary objective is the welfare of the survivors of the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal through medical care, research, health education and information dissemination.

The trustees include medical researchers, scientists, editors and activists who have long been involved with medical and other aspects of the disaster. An International Advisory Group consisting of doctors, researchers, writers and activists from different countries provides support to the Trust.

The trust started the Bhopal Peoples‚ Health and Documentation Clinic [Sambhavna Trust Clinic] in September 1996 close to the severely affected communities. Thousands of chronically ill survivors have been registered for treatment through modern medicine, Ayurveda (indigenous system of medicine based on plants and minerals), Yoga and massage therapy, with very encouraging results.

In addition to medical care, the clinic also carries out research in to the long term effects of the disaster and treatment efficacies, conducts surveys and health education exercises in the communities and runs a documentation centre that collects and distributes information on the disaster. All facilities, including that of laboratory investigations and medicines, are provided free of cost to the survivors.

Medical Disaster

Union Carbide's Bhopal gas disaster didn't happen in 1984. It began.

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About Sambhavna

Instead of waiting for help that would never arrive, Bhopal survivors and their friends decided to open their own medical clinic and give free, first-class care to whoever needed it.

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For 25 years individual donations have been the lifeblood of our work. Please join the thousands of ordinary people who make it possible. We are currently only able to accept donations from within India.

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