How You Can Help

It seems unbelievable but the situation for those reliant upon government hospitals has barely changed today.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the primary outcome of gas exposure. In 2014 a Supreme Court investigation found that at no time in 30 years had Bhopal’s only Pulmonary Medicine Hospital employed a full-time pulmonary disease specialist.

And so in this fourth decade of Union Carbide’s unending disaster, gas-affected families still spend on average more than a quarter of their income on medicines.

Given this context, the need for Sambhavna’s services remains acute.

Help is not going to come from elsewhere. Union Carbide and its wealthy owner Dow Chemical say the ongoing disaster in Bhopal is nothing to do with them. They do not care about the innocent families whose lives their factory destroyed. They can be left to suffer. They are dispensable.

We disagree, deeply and profoundly. We believe that every person has the right to live a pain-free and dignified life.


Thank you

Because we do not accept money from corporations, our work has always depended on individual donations. So far almost thirty thousand ordinary people have helped us. Some of the survivors we care for also bring gifts when they can.

We consider each gift, large or small, to be priceless.

And so to the good side of this story.

Through the kindness of strangers Bhopal’s survivors have learned to tell of a better side of human nature, of compassion, joy, fellowship and the healing power of love.

If these are things that you too believe in, please, help us keep our work in Bhopal alive.